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Features & Specifications:

Low energy automatic door opener complying with requirements of ANSI A156.19.

An opener with adjustable opening and closing forces that meet the provisions of ANSI 117.1 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

An opener with a regenerative drive system which charges the on-board battery pack when opener is operated manually and which requires no external electrical power.

An opener which, upon installation, will determine door size and weight and automatically tune controller to operate within ANSI 156.19 and 117.1 standards. Opener shall also have the following adjustable functions:

Opening/Closing Speed.
Hold-open Time.
Close Check.
  • Opening/Closing Force.

An opener with on-board diagnostics which will continually maintain control of door speed in wind or abusive environment condition.

An opener which, when operated manually, utilizes a clutch mechanism that disengages the motor gearbox assembly upon opening, then re-engages during the closing cycle to control spring force for even and smooth operation throughout the entire opening and closing cycle.

An opener that will continue closing door within ANSI 156.19 and 117.1 requirements without any external power supplied. Upon meeting an obstruction during the opening cycle the door shall remain under power for two seconds and then close under spring force; if the door meets and obstruction will closing, the door will maintain a closing force of 8 lbs or less.

An opener capable of operating doors up to 48” wide, weighing up to 250 lbs, and successfully tested for 1,000,000, automatic cycles.

An opener that will operate in climates with temperatures above -40° F and has a ONE year warranty.

We provide opener with two stainless steel, 1-3/4” x 4-3/4” wireless, jamb mounted, push button transmitters with required signage. Locate push buttons as directed by architect and within ANSI 156.19 and 117.1 guidelines.

An opener which utilizes a triangular hardened steel output shaft to connect door arm with a two piece tapered coupling for superior slip resistance.
An opener and push button transmitter with circuit boards that have been specially coated to resist moisture and humidity making the electronics weather resistant.

An opener with integral heavy duty cast aluminum shock absorbing arm, which when fully extended is in full tension eliminating the need for an auxiliary door stop.

We provide adhesive mounting templates for easy installation.

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Specs & Diagrams

pull side mount
ADA ez Dimensions 1
push side mount

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